Winter is here. Now if we could just get some snow in Minneapolis I would be a happy gal. (Well, I guess until I have to hear everyone do not a whole lot more than complain about the snow.)

Even though I say that I am looking forward to the snow and winter, it does get very cold. Cleaning the snow off my car in the mornings (and sometimes afternoons) can get tedious and cold and the commutes can be long so there are some things a girl must-have in order to survive.

My winter must-have items include: snow boots, my phone, music, coffee, a warm wool coat, mittens, my laptop bag and ballet flats (or heels) to change into once I get to work.

See below what some of my favorite PR gals say their winter must-haves are.

Ashley Zitofsky: My definite must haves on a winter commute are: leggings, big sweater, chunky scarf, Starbucks traveler mug, large tote bag, warm gloves, and iPhone.

Patricia Maristch: My list includes a trusty pair of UGGs, a Longchamp tote big enough to hold those UGGs and layers you shed, tech savvy gloves, an iPhone to capture #firstsnowfall and extra tea bags to keep you caffeinated and warm! Also, I’ve learned a credit card doubles as a great snow scarper when in doubt!

Daneylle Schultz: Coffee mug, wool Infinity scarf, homeless people gloves (mittens that turn to gloves), a cool beanie or wool hat, Vince camuto riding boots, sweater leggings and big phat sweaters where I can hide the fact that I neglect the gym in the winter and replace it with food!

Laura Perez: Wool A-line Coat, Leather Gloves, H&M Beanie, Bright Colored Scarf, Knee High Flat Boots, iphone, ipad mini, hot chocolate, and EOS lip balm.

The PR Princess: EOS lip balm, leather jacket, Frye knee-high boots, coach leather gloves, phone and of course my Starbucks! Oh and also, my heated seats in my car are a lifesaver!

Carmen Caserta: Warm chunky scarf, knee socks, leather gloves and an adorable winter wool hat!

Stephanie Clark: My must haves would be hot coffee/hot chocolate, warm mittens hat and scarf, fuzzy socks and a very warm coat!

Emily Joy: California can get cold so I’m often holding a peppermint hot chocolate while wearing a cozy sweater and scarf.

Rebecca Potzner: During my winter commutes, I have to have my winter coat, a scarf, mug filled with hot coffee, my phone, and some good tunes! Oh, and gloves and ice scrapers are life savers!

Emily Lyn Langford: Leather accent accessories, fun hats and gloves with bows by the wrist are some things I’m loving right now. Also, don’t underestimate the power of some hand warmers to stick in your pockets!

xo rachel


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