I know you’ve all heard the questions from friends and family many times: “what is public relations? what do you do?”

So, let’s take it one step further: “what is lifestyle public relations?” Alexis Rodriguez, of The PR Closet, gave a short and simple answer to that question that I think is just great.

“Well, first define the term ‚Äúlifestyle” in general, which means a certain way a person lives, or the style in which they live their lives. It can be below, within, or above their means, so lifestyle PR usually covers all of the things that people aspire to have to achieve or maintain a certain lifestyle.

That can include fashion, beauty, travel, accessories, food, fitness, and other luxury goods like cars, fine jewelry, personal trainers, etc. So a lifestyle brand will meet the needs of a consumer with multiple product offerings.”

To read the rest of the post and check out the rest of her site (which I strongly suggest you do!) click here.

xo rachel

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