What will 2013 bring? What will change in my life this year – for the good or bad? What new and fantastic things will come my way in the next 12 months?


It is always exciting to move forward and see what new things might come into – or leave – your life, and the change those events can will bring. But, a lot of the time you can guide the changes in your life to make many different parts better, and more positive. I suppose this is where “new year resolutions” come in?

I don’t like to make the cliché resolutions such as: quitting smoking, working out more often, eating better blah, blah, blah. I figure those changes should be things I am willing to work on making any day of the year; if and when they become important to me to change – not just in the beginning of a new year. But that’s just me!

So, with that said, some goals I have been working on (and will continue to do so) are:

1. Wake up when my alarm goes off – no more snooze button eight times!

2. Read more – probably more news and books because I do get my fill of magazine and blogs. Gotta get back to that long reading list on my Kindle!

3. Learn to knit (well) on the looms my mom got me for Christmas.

4. Actually go tanning. There is no reason I should look like a sick ghost if I’m paying for this membership! 😉

(some of) The PR/professional goals I have are:

1. Network and engage more. I will be checking out Eventbrite and Meetup more often and getting to the Young Professionals of Twin Cities events (every?) month.

2. Instagram more. And, spend more time on LinkedIn. (Apparently it is the new Facebook. 6 PR and Social Media Predictions for 2013 – PR Daily.)

3. Wake up when my alarm goes off. No more snooze button eight times!

4. Work on my pitching skills.

5. Find my “big-girl-career” job.

When setting your goals or resolutions for the new year, make sure they are attainable, realistic and measurable. If you stick with your new goals they will eventually become habit – so stay dedicated and ambitious. Be specific and set milestones if you have larger goals that seem overwhelming in the beginning.

What are you resolutions? How will you stick to them?

ps: read these resolutions for a quick chuckle. 20 WTF New Year’s Resolutions on Twitter

xo rachel

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