A lot of people graduated from college this spring with bachelor’s degrees in marketing or public relations. Communications or journalism. Business or English. And while several lucky duckies were able to land their first job already, a lot of other duckies weren’t able to do so…yet.

So, what’s a girl to do when she’s over working as a waitress at the local Applebee’s and can’t wait to get her foot into her first entry-level job? There are plenty of things that you can do to ensure that you land your first job in no time, especially since it’s summer and there are a lot of great opportunities to be had everywhere!


Keep your job

I know, I know. Working at Applebee’s or Target isn’t the most glamorous way to spend your summer, but you want to be able to pay your bills right? If you have to go from 40 hours a week to 25 in order to work on getting than first real job, then by all means do it! But make sure you can still support yourself!


There are a ton of places all over the place who could use your help this summer. Volunteer at the local children’s hospital, spend some time doing social media for your local Red Cross. Want to be more social? Volunteer at local music festivals or art fairs! If possible, volunteer to do marketing, social media, PR or anything else related to what you want to do in life.

Be proactive

Is there an agency or organization you’d give anything to work for in your area? Keep up with them via social media, or, better yet set up a tour, job shadowing opportunity or informational interview. Show the agency how much you’d love to work for them and how great you are!

Stay updated

Make sure you’ve updated your resume since graduation. Add in any missing information about internships – dates, description, etc. Make sure your email is one you can access still. Some universities deactivate emails of students within three or six months of graduation. Make sure you have a good email address and that it’s on your resume. I prefer Gmail, but others like Yahoo.

Get an internship

Right, I know, you’ve already had five and you just want a real job now. But there is never such a thing has having too many internships. Sometimes you can find a summer internship that a company or agency treats more like a job. Kayla Hollatz of expression PR isn’t graduating until next year, but she found a part-time position for the summer that allows her to get experience.

“Summer jobs and internships sharpen your skills and allow you to keep growing as a professional,” says Kayla. “There is only so much you can learn in a classroom. Getting a degree is so important, but it’s what you do with that degree that will define the professional you will become.”

And, you never know, this part-time summer job or internship may lead to a real full-time job!

Take a class

I’m sure the last thing you want to do after you graduate is take a class, but who said it had to be a class class. Take a fun class – graphic design, photography or web design – at your local community college. There’s also this cool online global learning community called SkillShare that offers “classes.”


Freelancing is a great way to get experience and make a little bit of side money, too. Plus, you never know, if you freelance for an agency or company, they might hire you full time!

Guest post by Emily Vontom.

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