Some PR girls are lucky to be able to travel to some pretty neat places at their agencies or firms. And, there are those of us who travel and use up that vacation time for fun! Either way, traveling is {usually} a lot of fun and traveling tips can always be helpful!  


One thing I make sure to do is make sure all my electronics are fully charged {phone, Kindle, laptop, iPod etc}. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Wasn’t really the case for me a few weeks ago on my flight to Phoenix…

My phone was on the fritz and not holding a charge, and who knew a Kindle loses all battery power from sitting {off} for a while?! {Okay, over a month since I usually just use the Kindle on my phone.} Oh, and the Netflix disc of Girls that I brought to watch was Blu Ray {not compatible for play on my laptop}. Haha, and I’m usually so prepared and organized! Good thing I had a little work to catch up on and was able to take a little cat nap!

Below are some of the tips that some of my favorite Twitter friends shared with me.

@TheBanjoGirl Schedule your outfits on a daily basis separating daywear and eve wear and pack accordingly. Keep your business cards handy and ALWAYS be networking: there’s no time off on a business trip for a PR girl.

@FashionPennPal Bring lots of magazines for entertainment and of course research! Also plastic bags. A big one for dirty clothes and little ones for shampoos and such. Also never forget the chargers! I bring an extra one from J Crew too that pops on the bottom of your phone and gives you another hour or so when your phone dies.

@FashionPennPal Send emails week or so before to all those “virtual” friends you’ve never met but have been meaning to and make it happen while you’re there.

@MoniqueC_PR Seize every opportunity big or small. Connections can happen anywhere whether it’s local or global.

@emmy_knows_best Try to fit everything in a carry-on! It saves time and prevents lost luggage.

@KaraSarvey I don’t get to travel much for work unfortunately! But, whenever I’m in a new town I always ask my twitter followers for restaurant/bar recommendations.

@prcouture Bring a pair of special (I like cashmere) socks on the plane, and a warm scarf that can double as a blanket when the plane gets cold.

@thePRwoman Always, always, always carry a few of your business cards with you. You never know who you might meet, even if it’s at an airport or on a plane. It’s the connections we least expect that lead to the grandest opportunities.

@brandiwelkpr Always have a lint brush handy, phone charger, & business cards to hand out! #networking

@sydneyEthompson Be wary of people pickpocketing. Ask people for help when you’re lost. Enjoy what’s around you, not what’s on your phone! 🙂

Check out the posts about {PR girl} traveling on @nycprgirls (Travel Like a Savvy PR Girl) and MadGirlPR‘s (Tips for Traveling Solo) sites. Great advice!

What tips and tricks do you have to make traveling a breeze??

xo rachel

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