Who’s ready to party?
If you drink, don’t drive! Plan a sober ride before hand, stay where you are until you are sober or call a cab.
Be dazzling and fabulous! Glitter, gold, silver and sequins… Can you have too much of any of these on New Year’s Eve?! Ring in the new year with style
Have a bottle of champagne (or two) in hand for the night, and definitely for when the clock hits midnight. Find a champagne cocktail recipe or add berries to your standard flute of bubbly for a tasty change.
If you are hosting, have snacks available for people to munch on while mingling. If you are not hosting, bring a snack or hostess gift. Don’t Show Up Empty Handed – hostess gift ideas
Have someone to kiss at midnight and/or surround yourself with you favorite people.
 If you are drinking, pace yourself. You will want to make it to (at least) midnight and not be “that girl who had too much to drink.” Cocktails and Coffees. Drink and Stay Slim the Holiday Season
xo rachel

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