Ah, the unavoidable dating game every person looking to find “the one,” has to endure. Don’t get me wrong, it can bring moments of complete joy and utter bliss, but it can also produce some of the most cringe-worthy, bursting at the seems laughable, and tear-inducing moments you relive with your friends long after they’ve happened.

This is not going to be a chronological account of my dating history, or that of my friend’s. My aim is not to embarrass the poor souls who’ve had to endure a date (or a few) with me, or tear apart the ones it just didn’t work out with. It’s simply a place to share some stories, perhaps make you laugh…sigh…shake your head at my experiences…or maybe even inspire you. Make of them what you will, but most of all, just enjoy the posts!


I guess before I get to the goods, I should probably tell you a thing or two about myself – I’m a 24 (almost 25) year old, single college grad. I do enjoy chocolate, long walks on the beach (or, you know, just the beach in general), traveling (been to 7 countries and counting), wine, and girl’s nights in. Like a lot of people out there, I believe in the power of love (yes, I know that’s a Celine Dion song), and the hope that is kindled with each new relationship.

Now, I did not have my first boyfriend until senior year of college, so although my time in the dating game has been shorter than some, the stories are usually prefaced with, “I wish I could make this up.”

Now, being upfront and completely honest, I don’t particularly enjoy dating; there, I’ve said it. Despite only being 24, and reading article after article that tells all of us 20-somethings to “enjoy the single life,” “don’t rush to settle,” “now’s the time to be alone,” et cetera, et cetera, it’s not what I want. I wish there was a man for me right now, so I could bow gracefully out of the dating game, and maybe help another friend reach the finish line, but things don’t always happen the way we want them to, and hey, if I weren’t still in the game, there wouldn’t be as many stories to tell.

xo alyssa & rachel
Welcome to my path on The Dating Game board! I’ll get to work on my first story, so check back soon!
*To protect the identities of those involved, fake names will be used.


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