We’ve all been there at different times, in varying situations, but this question eventually comes up: when do you block someone from contacting you?

Some people may do it out of habit; as soon as a connection dwindles they block a phone number, Facebook account, or dating profile. Some do it out of necessity, which A has done; when someone gets too intense or can’t seem to take no for an answer duhhh-lete, spam number, buh-bye. And don’t get us started on when someone says something completely inappropriate and is then offended when you get turned off. No one has time for that nonsense so peace out, “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya,” style.


While there is typically a valid reason to block someone, we’re wondering if at times we can be too hasty, too trigger-happy as it were? Who are the people where a simple deletion from our contacts would be enough?

For A it’s usually situational. “I went out with this guy twice and just wasn’t feeling it so I let him know that I didn’t see it going anywhere. He wouldn’t stop trying to convince me that I was making the wrong decision so when the text amounts reached annoying level I blocked his number. It took a while for him to stop attempting to contact me (I saw the messages in my spam text folder) but eventually he got the message.”

There have been other times though when A has simply deleted a guy’s number and that’s been enough. The difficult thing however is trying to decide how long to keep contact information for someone you haven’t spoken to in ‘X’ amount of time. “[A] was talking to this guy and after two days of texting I just stopped hearing from him. I’ve handled the going ghost thing before so after a week, I deleted his number. About two months later I woke up to a text from someone apologizing for making the asshole move by just stopping talking to me. I had no idea who had sent the message so I had to ask who it was. He didn’t seem surprised or offended that I hadn’t kept his number and I wasn’t sorry that I’d had to ask.”

R has also blocked more than her fair share of guys. As she tells it:

To be honest, I have probably been quite harsh when it has come to sending numbers to spam. But, want another bit of honesty? I don’t feel bad about it.

Now, it wasn’t like I was sending everyone to the lonely-never-to-be-found-again spam island whenever I felt like it – I only sent dudes who I had just barely started talking to, to the magical folder. If, off the bat, I knew I wasn’t feeling it, off to spam they went. (Sure, “off the bat” could mean a couple of days, but c’mon… if you get your panties —or boxers? — in a bunch over that, you must have a bigger issue that you need to work out with yourself. Not my problem. And, definitely one I don’t want to be apart of.)

I got so sick of, what seemed to be, the never-ending messages from needy, clingy, disgusting, rude, etc. guys. Sending them to spam just seemed like an easier option. Especially after I tried to say, ‘thanks, but no thanks’ very nicely to one (this was before I discovered the beauty of my spam folder). He went crazy trying to tell me why I was wrong and why we were perfect for each other — for months. UGH. BYE. Yeah, yeah… that’s just one guy. Well, he wasn’t the only one who acted so childish and gross and I just didn’t care to deal with it anymore. I mean seriously, if you are so desperate, why would I even want to continue chatting ya up anyway?! GROSS.) And, if any of them wanted to do it to me within a few days — to be honest (again) more power to ’em, and no hurt feelings here. It just wasn’t meant to be.

As you can see, we’re a ‘take no prisoners’ pair of gals! Neither one of us likes, or plays, games so we just do what we feel is right.

What about you? Is there a time you blocked someone you then wish you hadn’t? Or not block someone that you eventually had to? TDC wants to know!

xo alyssa & rachel

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