Happy holidays TDC readers! As we wind down 2015 and prepare for 2016 in our personal and professional lives, we wanted to dedicate this post to what can often times become the most stressful time of the year, despite its general feeling of good cheer and abundant love.


Whether you’re preparing for your final semester of college, planning to look for a new job as the new year rolls in, are attempting to whittle away at that mountain of student loan debt, feeling overwhelmed by all of the gifts you have to buy or are just trying to get through each day with your head above water, there is one aspect of your life you shouldn’t have to spend much, if any, time concerning yourself with; your relationship.

Of all the possible stressors in your life, don’t let this be one of them. As we’ve said in posts before, every relationship is different, so although we hope this helps you sort a few things out, ultimately you must do what feels the most comfortable for you and your significant other.

The Gift Exchange

Either you will or you won’t, no two ways about it. If you’re in a relatively new relationship, don’t be afraid to talk to him about it before you go out and buy something, that way he knows where you stand and you know where he does.

If you’re worried one of you may outdo the other, set a spending limit, and stick to it, don’t put yourselves in a potentially uncomfortable situation where one of you spends $30 and the other spends over $100, because chances are you’re both going to be upset to some degree.

If gifts aren’t your thing then do something else, whether it be a trip somewhere, going to events that only happen this time of year, or maybe even agree that you’re not going to exchange gifts, some people don’t feel the need to and that’s perfectly okay, the main thing is that you don’t stress about it.

Holiday Parties

Here’s the deal with the festive get-togethers. Parties with friends are never a concern, it’s the office parties that include significant others and family gatherings that tend to stress us out. How soon is too soon to bring him to large family functions? Will he even enjoy that office party or will he not speak to anyone and just have to awkwardly sit there?

Here’s how we feel about it, if you have to ask yourself either question, you’re probably not ready to have him attend either. However, if your mom calls to talk about the family party and says, “And of course, Joe is more than welcome to join us,” and you feel all happy inside, then tell him you’d like for him to be there and ask if he’d like to come, don’t command it.

He may jump at the chance or he may tell you that he’s not ready to meet your entire family. If he says that, don’t get upset and think he’s not serious about your relationship, some guys are a little timid when it comes to their girl’s family, or his family has already asked him to go away with them or something like that. As for the office holiday party, see what your coworkers do.

If no one ever brings their S.O. don’t worry about bringing your guy, but if most do, then bring him, he’ll likely be asking you to go to his too if his office has a S.O. welcome policy then you’re all set.

New Year’s Eve

Personally, I’ve (Alyssa) never seen the big deal about spending New Year’s Eve with a S.O. Then again, the two relationships I’ve been in during this time of the year we had no choice but to be apart anyway so perhaps I just didn’t psych myself up enough beforehand to feel disappointed when there wasn’t a midnight kiss.

Look, I’m no cynic, I think I get it, you’re starting a brand new year with your honey, full of promise, new hopes and desires as your relationship continues, but isn’t that what an anniversary is too, a celebration of the X amount of years you’ve been together and the start of another one?

Try not to be too upset if you’re not able to spend New Year’s Eve together, just have a good time with your family or friends, it’s not the end of the world.

There is enough going on in the world to make all of us worry, don’t let something as small as the holiday season get added to the list.

Have fun, be merry, and enjoy life’s little moments. See you in 2016!

Happy New Year!

xo alyssa & rachel

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