Yes, that very special day in February when the entire world seems to be nothing but a sea of red roses, chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries, and stuffed animals holding balloon.

Valentine’s Day.

A: Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much looking forward to celebrating on Sunday with my boyfriend, but sometimes it seems there’s this general pressure surrounding Valentine’s Day. The pressure to get the perfect gift or reservations at that one restaurant. After speaking with two of my best friends, it turns out that we’re all pretty much doing the same thing: staying in and spending some quality time with the guy we each love.

R’s is planned to be quite similar to A’s. After taking a pizza cooking class, her and her guy are ready to try it at home! The two of them will be laying low making pizza and drinking bubbles (and probably a little whiskey too) while listening to music or getting in some quality TV-catch-up time.

At some point this weekend, my boyfriend and I will venture out into the Arctic Blast we’re supposed to have here in Virginia to go see the Deadpool movie, and then we’re planning to make a dinner we both like and call it a night. You see, the truth is, I would rather spend a night in with him than drop a lot of money on a fancy dinner, because for me, just having him around has always been enough.

The grand gestures and the night out are absolutely okay, but we here at TDC just want to make sure that those of you not doing something extravagant, for whatever reason, don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

There are many things more important than what you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

(Because guess what? They happen the other 364 days of the year too!)

Not sold yet? Check it out…

• Appreciating the little moments and things he does that show you how much he care. (Notice them – and say thank you! Just like you, he likes to know he is appreciated.)

• Him cheering for your triumphs and comforting you when you don’t succeed. (You’re his biggest cheerleader and supporter, right? He’s probably yours!)

• That kiss on your forehead or unexpected moment when he wraps his arms around you. (Can you feel the love?)

• He does something just because he knows you want to do it. (You know those things we’re talking about…)

• He can put up with you when you become the unpredictable hormone monster once a month. (Extra “points” if he takes care of those hellish pains by snuggling up to a movie with you or brings you the pint of Ben and Jerry’s you can’t seem to live without.)

• He never hesitates to tell you how how very special you are to him. (Without overdoing it of course. We TDC gals love us some romance and sweetness, but aren’t the super sappy types. 😉 )

So however you may be celebrating this year, we hope you have a wonderful day! But don’t forget to celebrate your love on any other day you want too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

xo alyssa & rachel

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