Meetings are a great place to impress your peers and bosses. You have the chance to impress verbally and physically – from the way to speak, the way to dress to the way you hold yourself while others are speaking. These are all important things that people pay attention to. And, like it or not, these are some of the things that help people decide what they think of you.

refuse-to-be-ordinaryTake these opportunities to shine and let your coworkers and bosses know that you are passionate and intelligent by sharing your thoughts and ideas. Speak up! ( And know when not to! 😉 )

So, how do you dazzle your team during a meeting? The Everygirl shared a fantastic list of 10 Ways to Dazzle at a Meeting. I liked it so much I decided to share some of the ways with you.

Be sure you know what the meeting is about.

Never be late – and get there early enough to grab a good seat.

Arrive with a game-on attitude.

When you do have something to contribute, don’t just blurt it out.

Avoid a lot of warm-up with your actual idea.

Get a sense of your meeting face.


Make sure to check out the full article to read the rest of the list and for a fantastic quote from Kate White (a woman with an internationally recognized authority on leadership, success, and careers with expertise running five major magazine brands).

xo rachel

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