So you landed your dream internship, worked hard, made great relationships, and had an amazing summer. Now what? You don’t want to lose all those great contacts you established over the summer, and I am sure you want to stay in touch for future internship or even job opportunities.

What you do post internship is almost as important as all the hard work you put in all summer from 9-5. Keeping in touch can sometimes feel awkward, you don’t want to seem like you are randomly emailing your boss out of the blue, and I know sometimes you might not know what to say.

Surprisingly enough now is a great time to reach out to your old boss and coworkers. Why now you ask? Now is the time because of the amazing cheer and spirit that the holiday season brings. Now is the time to preface all those emails with Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Black Friday (all you fashion interns), Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, or Happy New Year!


Some key components to include:

Ask your boss or former coworkers how they are doing and make sure to talk about them before you rush into talking about yourself or immediately ask for favors.

Do your research. See if the company has had any great news, if they’ve signed new clients, moved to a new office, or won an award. Noting this in your letter or email shows that you have taken the time out to keep up with the company. After these steps you can transition into letting them know about you.  

Mention relevant schoolwork and especially highlight how skills you have learned during your internship have helped you in your studies or everyday life. I personally would end the email there and wait for a follow up email to ask for a recommendation or advice, so it does not seem like you only emailed them for something in return.  

If you are in dire need of help or really need a recommendation I would introduce the program or company you are applying to and express why you feel this person is best to help you. Maybe he or she guided you throughout your internship and you feel they saw your growth and know your work ethic.  

The key to this email is to emphasize how this person and or the company has changed you for the better, because a summer internship is more than another few bullet points on a resume, it’s a time to foster skills that you will use in the future. There’s an art to the post-internship follow-up, but with these steps I am sure you will feel confident and rekindle that summer internship flame!

Guest post by Sade Parham.

xo rachel

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