Stephanie George recently wrote a guest post on travel essentials for the PR gal. So, since you now know the essentials of what you will want to be traveling with, you’re ready for some travel prep tips!

The main goal of your vacation is probably to relax. Of course you’ll want to get out and see the sights and try new things but this should be a stress-free time for you. A time where you mind can unwind and shut down a little from the everyday hustle and bustle of your busy life.


Start with a checklist of what you will be packing.

(Were you surprised to hear me suggest starting with a list?) Everything. Including your travel documents, ID, cash, etc. On this list I usually get a little Type A and indicate what will be in my carry-on and what will be in my luggage that is being checked. Once the item is packed, it gets crossed off the list.

Charge up those batteries and portable chargers.

Seems like a no-brainer, but it happens… You board the airplane and realize something (your phone, laptop, kindle) is not holding full battery. Be sure to check those juice levels before packing said electronics.  

(Seriously. I once thought my Kindle was fully charged when I packed it, so of course I didn’t check. Come to find out, the battery somehow depleted itself and when I pulled it out on the plane, there was ZERO juice left. AND, on top of that, I had drained much of the power from me phone and laptop before boarding. We’ll just say that flight was pretty boring.)

Bring only the essentials.

Especially if you’re headed to the beach. How often do you honestly put on makeup or wear that super cute new trendy outfit you packed, instead of that cute, yet comfy and easy sun dress when you’re hanging poolside or on the sandy beach all week?

I know you will still want the makeup and stylish threads for a dinner or night out, but be realistic and don’t overpack.

Be versatile.

Back to the overpacking topic. When packing shoes, pack a pair of sandals for the beach, running shoes (only if you will be running or working out), a pair of flats for walking around and a pair of heels for the dinner or night out. To avoid bringing too many pairs, make sure each pair will match each (or at least most) of the outfits you have planned. (Now, I know just as well as you do, this can be hard when you want to stay fashionable and look fab at all times but it can be done!)

BONUS: Pack items that you can dress up OR dress down with a statement piece of jewelry or another piece of clothing. This also saves time and makes for an easy day-to-night transition.

Do your research.

Take a look at what interesting places and activities there are around your location. Where do the locals go? What is the area known for? Do you love craft beer like me? Do a quick Google search to find their local breweries. Of course, you don’t want to plan TOO much before actually arriving, but it is nice to have an idea of what will be around you. But really, don’t plan too much. Get to your destination, explore, and let yourself go with the flow.

Document and share.

Remember to pack your camera so you can save physical copies all the memories you are creating AND share a couple of them on your social pages. (I’d LOVE to see your pics – share them with me over on Insta!)

This is your time to do whatever you want. Relax, have fun and enjoy!

xo rachel

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  1. Alyssa Romeo
    August 26, 2014 at 2:20 pm (6 years ago)

    Truths, upon truths, upon truths! I'm definitely going to keep this handy because no matter how much I think I haven't over packed, I'm usually wrong!


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