The holidays are here and I’m sure you are busy and ready for a break with family and friends. But, getting ready for time off can definitely get overwhelming and feel stressful at times. Worth it, but the prep work that needs to be done to make sure you have a clear mind during your time away from the office can feel be jammed packed full of a lot of extra work.

This is the time to unplug, enjoy your friends and family, focus on the joys of the season, relax and let work fade from your brain for a little bit.

I’ve asked some of my darling PR gal pals to share how they make sure all their work is in order so they can enjoy their time off to the fullest.

What do tips do you have to make sure you are ready for a vacation or break from work?


@emilyvontom I just make sure that everything that I need to have done is done. If something can be done before the week long break, then I do it so I don’t have to do it when I get back. I like to start fresh!

@fashionpennpal To prepare for time of for the holidays a social media planner is essential. We plan out our posts ahead of time so that we can enjoy our time with friends and family!

@jessmer10s To prepare for time off during work, communication is key. If you’re going to have someone else cover for you, make sure they know exactly what to do.  If your office is closed all together, make sure your client understands your schedule, but also make sure they know where to reach you if something comes up.  You never want to miss a big opportunity!

@anderk15 I work with my directors to ensure travel schedules are set for 2014. Typically, both take vacation for the two weeks before, during and after Christmas. It’s a great time for me to get a head start on the new business needs for the following year!

@briellepr To prepare for time off on the holidays, I try to get as much done as possible as soon as possible. It may be stressful, but there’s nothing like looking forward to getting the majority of your tasks done and then looking forward to a few days of relaxation!

@oliviaadamspr During the holiday season, I do my best to work ahead on various assignments or tasks. If I know I’m going to have time off from work for a holiday, I make sure to set my deadlines earlier than usual to ensure tasks are accomplished. This way, I’m able to enjoy my vacation without having to worry about work.

@bylaurapr Recently, I had the By Laura PR website re-designed as well as the P.S. Laura Says blog. Now that the Holidays are around the corner I’m working on my agency by updating my current media lists during the early mornings. I’m making sure I have the most recent contact information for editors, bloggers and writers for the New Year. I’m also creating a media list with just beauty contacts, so I spend my afternoons researching beauty blogs and websites. I’m also writing about 3 posts ahead of time and scheduling them on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for my blog.

@redstilettopr I own my business, so I make my schedule. That means I work when I want to! If I know I’m going to be taking time off for the holidays, I make sure to schedule social media content ahead of time via Buffer and that super handy Facebook page scheduler. I let clients know I will be out of touch and when they can expect to hear back from me. It’s good PR to keep clients informed of these things rather than just leaving them hanging and wondering.

@prcouture This is my first holiday season working for myself, so I’m trying to get as many articles written and scheduled as well as wrap up client work in the first-half of the month. I won’t take a traditional vacation, but I will definitely create a bit of down-time, particularly when I head to Colorado to spend Christmas with my Dad.

@rachelryan_ I have weekly goals and as the holidays approach, you learn how prioritize your time to become more efficient and get as far ahead of the workload as you can. I also do this because we all know that we mentally go into “cruise control” mode around the holidays. So, if that means pushing yourself to reach your goals on a Thursday afternoon/evening verses a deadline of Friday at 2 pm, that’s what you do you. Also, ensure you’re thinking about questions for your manager ahead of time for 1:1 meetings, keep all notes in the same place, so you can do your job more efficiently and add an additional meeting to your calendars so you can ensure you’re working toward appropriate goals, if needed.

xo rachel

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