Every business needs PR, even the start-up, but outsourcing your PR efforts can seem pricey when you’re just starting out. However, there are different tactics a small business can implement themselves. There are surely more than these five strategies but it is important not to try to do everything. You want to make sure you take on what you can handle and execute effectively.

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There are communities in social network and you should definitely be utilizing them! A good business should have an official, and professional, website – a place where your audience can come and get a clear idea of who you are and what you have to offer. (This is definitely part of your business where you don’t want to skimp and should thinking about hiring a professional designer who could work upon its interface to make it look representative, stylish, and different from others.) It is also crucial to make sure each one of your social media platforms is branded consistently with your website to ensure you are recognizable everywhere people find you.

Advertising strategies.

Carefully chosen tactics will help your business attract loads of attention, potential clients, and possibly even business partners. Charity events are a great way to promote your business – as long as you have the time and money to invest. But, make sure you chose to support a charity that aligns with your brand’s values and mission.

Using newsletters is inexpensive and accessible.

It is also a very important part of your marketing and PR efforts. Building your email list helps to expand your reach and share your expertise and offerings with people interested in your company and brand. Do your research to learn what your competitors have done, what has worked for them, what hasn’t work, and be sure to come up with something original and unique. Stay true to your brand and you will attract your ideal client type.

Create a special month, week, or even day.

This can be effective because it helps clients, on the subconscious level, associate your business with this month, week or day. Promote this idea through your newsletter and social platforms and it will bring you dividends that will gradually become lucrative. Creating a special time that people associate with your brand is a great way to stay in their minds and generate interaction and interest, but again – always remember to stay aligned with the core values of your company. Do not stray just because you think it might spark interest. (Because even if it does, you may be attracting the wrong type of people – that does not equal more potential clients and revenue.)

Involve your audience.

When a client feels respected and like they have a connection with your brand, they will participate. Going back to the creating of a professional website, make sure there is testimonial section so your clients can leave comments and reviews. This is essential and will help to entice new visitors – new visitors who may become new customers, if the feedback is positive. It also helps to build a good reputation for your business.

Think of successful advertising companies of existing businesses and point out for yourself what might be useful to take from them but implement it in the way those businesses was impossible to recognize bringing out something new, something yours so your voice was heard and your signature was seen through it.

Guest post by Melisa Marzett.

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