So you’ve landed that great intern spot… now what? How do you know what you will need to bring with you on your first day?


Beyond the obvious of showing up on time with an upbeat, positive attitude, and a notebook and pen, AND having done even more research about your new position (sure, you’ve already researched the company, but by now you may have been provided with materials that explain your intern position and duties in further detail), there are some other things you will want in your PR gal arsenal.

So what are these other items you will want to be uber prepared to sparkle and shine at your new position? Check it out.

A Journal

Your time as an intern will be jammed packed full of fantastic information and learning experiences. When your internship comes to an end, and you’re ready to start vamping up that resume, it can sometimes be hard to remember each and every awesome thing you did and worked on. This journal is a great place to look back remember all the resume-worthy tasks and projects and memories.

A Weekly Planner

I finally ditched the physical planner (that I carried around with me EVERYWHERE) when I fell in love with my Google calendar, my life changed. As I’m sure you already know, organization is KEY! And I can guarantee you, you are going to get pretty damn busy with your intern work, school work, work, social life, and whatever else life throws at you. So find out what method of time management and organization works best for you, and utilize it to it’s fullest.

I ended up ditching my beloved planner for Evernote. (Also a major game changer.) Now I am able to keep all my to-do and shopping lists separate, organized, and available at a moments notice – right on my phone or computer.

The PR Girl Threads

You’ve all heard the saying, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” right? Well, I suppose I semi-agree with this. The office I work (the job i want(ed) ) in is pretty casual, and if I were an intern there I probably wouldn’t want to show for my first day in a suit or something that would be too ‘formal.’ Ask about the dress code during your interview, observe what others in the office are wearing, and remember: it never hurts to over dress a little bit. Just steer clear of anything too casual, wild, or shows too much skin.

(Her Campus has 8 of the essential intern wardrobe pieces down perfectly. These pieces can be worn in just about any type of office.)

City Flats

If you’re like me and love to rock a fab pair of heels, you will want to stash a pair of simple, classic flats into your bag as well. There will be times you will be running all over the place, be on your feet all day, or have an event to attend or assist at… whatever it is, trust me… you will be thanking me when you’re able to pull out those flats and let those feet rest a little.

Make-up Refresher Kit

We all know that beautiful morning application of makeup doesn’t last and stay so beautiful throughout the day. I suggest carrying a few essentials with you: a powder compact, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick or gloss. With these quick and simple products handy, you will be ready to take on the world, with a fresh face, within minutes.

An Awesome Travel Mug

Whatever you fuel of choice (coffee, tea, water) you’re not going to want to stop at the corner coffee shop every day. Why not carry that caffeinated (or non-caffeinated) beverage of choice in a stylish cup-to-go?!

A Healthy Snack

While we’re on the subject of drink, let’s quickly talk food. Tossing a little snack in your bag will save you money and ensure that you aren’t stopping at a vending machine to grab a salty, high-calorie snack while you’re on the go from campus to the office. Also, a little snack here and there can be the perfect pick-me-up; you can’t forget to eat. Take it from me, you will get sluggish and won’t perform like the rockstar you are.


I’m obsessed with music and would go crazy if I had to have a silent commute or wasn’t able to listen to music throughout the day. In all honesty, I use Spotify everywhere – on my laptop and phone (which, as you know, means I can listen to my tunes anywhere I am: home, work, car, or hanging with friends). And, with the smartphone, you’ll be able to organize all your new contacts into your phone right away (I suggest organizing your contacts into lists right when you enter them into your phone. Ok… sure, I might be a little crazy about the list thing, but they truly keep my life coordinated and my days to flow with as much ease as possible), and even be able to access that calendar (if you go the digital route) at the touch of a button screen.

Am I missing an essential item? Tweet me and tell me what is your PR must-have(s)?

xo rachel

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