As the year comes to an end I’m sure you are thinking about your resolutions for next year. If you are like me you try to make resolutions year round but this time of year is of course the time when you think about them even more.

What will you change? What will you do differently? Are you going to write more? Eat better? Work out more? Network more? Make sure to spend more time on your social life

Find out what some of my favorite PR girlfriends have to say about their resolutions for 2014 below and share your resolutions with us in the comments section or on Twitter. @rachmariepr


@fashionpennpal In 2014 I hope to have a more organized office, inbox and desktop! I feel like I’ve been working in chaos lately which is so unlike me.

@briellepr I say it every year – but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how important it is to take care of myself and my health. My new year’s resolution is to eat cleaner and no matter how busy or stressed I am, to take some time for myself during the week to work out or do something I enjoy that really helps me to relax.

@anderk15 I’d like to be planning a wedding!! 🙂

@emilyvontom Get to the gym 5 x week and lose the weight! Also: get a real big girl job! 🙂

@prcouture Spend more time playing.  

@oliviaadamspr I decided to become a better writer, I want to make it a goal to learn a new word a day. I believe it’s important to always be learning and expanding your vocabulary. Hopefully this goal will help me become an improved writer!

I’m also going to dedicate more time to blogging and establish a content schedule. As a college student and intern, life can get a little hectic at times, so it’s hard to stay on top of everything. I’d really like to set more time aside for myself so I can focus on writing for fun.

@redstilettopr I don’t set New Year’s resolutions, but it is very clear I need to get back to basics in terms of doing the self-care activities that keep me happy, healthy, centered and sane. Those activities include taking a relaxing walk every day, making time to connect with people face-to-face, and spending quality time out of the house with my husband. I’ve also made a new commitment to go into local businesses and introduce myself. At first the goal was narrow – get clients! But after doing this twice now, meeting some great local business owners and having a few really wonderful conversations, this activity of opening myself up to meeting new people – fellow entrepreneurs – is proving to be rewarding in more ways than one both professionally and personally!

@bylaurapr A few of my New Year Resolutions are to land a few clients. Then transition from my current full time job to working on my agency full time. I would love to continue to network and meet amazing PR Gals that share the same interest as I. I also would love to grow the following on my blog. Also, I’d like to practice Yoga more often and learn how to knit.

@jessmer10s Continue learning how to cook, start singing again and learning music, land a PR internship abroad (fingers crossed for London!), spend more time “in the moment” and kick-ass as President of my PRSSA chapter

@RachelRyan_Time management. As silly as it sounds, I didn’t really understand what that meant for MY goals. But I also didn’t know what it was I was working toward. Now that I do, how can I improve and work toward my goals? Keeping my schedule in my calendar on my phone will help me stay on track. I’m learning how to do things person by person, not necessarily waiting for leaders.  

Interviewing more marketing/communications individuals who are well-established in the industry and asking them “what does that job title even mean?” because we’re all asking ourselves the same questions. These interviews will be on my blog The Middle of In Between.

xo rachel

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