What does a “virtual pr girl” need to look her best while on the go? 

Being a virtual fashion publicist means being available 24/7. Which means everywhere I go, I carry my virtual office with me. I have to be available to answer a text, a tweet, an email or a phone call. I even have to be camera ready for video chatting via Skype or FaceTime. So, to be ready and on the go all the time, I have the following in my bag.

ipad mini, for easy email and social media access. I also have the Google Drive app to have easy access to my media contacts. I also have the digital editions of fashion magazines downloaded and I also bookmarked all my favorite fashion and PR blogs which I read every morning before starting my day.

iphone, obviously, for phone calls, texts, emails, social media alerts and calendar alerts.

Believe it or not a pen and a journal. I love to write notes and write to do lists, then type them up on Evernote.

Nikon D3100 DSLR camera for quick style photos for my blog.

My business cards. You never know who you might meet!

Avon Ideal Luminous in Coral Radiance. To touch up my face in the middle of the day, before I start a video chat or to take a quick picture of my style.

L’Oreal Coulour Riche Balm in Nourishing Nude. Because chapstick sometimes does not cut it.

Finally, my water bottle, I need to stay hydrated on the go!

What do you make sure you keep in your bag, or within reach, to make sure you are always looking, and feeling fresh and on top of your game?

{Guest post by Laura Perez of PSLauraSays.com.}

xo rachel

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