Are you a morning or night person?

I’m personally a little bit of both – if that’s even a thing… But I love to wake up early, get my day started and get shit done. (Well, if you count between 6-630am, most days, early.. and let’s be honest – I love to sleep until 8 or 9am on the weekends!)


It feels so good to know that I have accomplished productive things – work, cleaning, blogging, breakfast with a friend – whatever it might be – before 12pm. (Actually, I love when I see that the clock says 10am and I have already done so much to feel productive and good about my day.)

It is such a good feeling to know that I still have so much of the day to get stuff done and then (hopefully) relax! I do also love the night and staying up late. (If I’m able to – sometimes I sit down and actually realize I AM tired and then I’m out like a light.)  Some days that means working into the night and feeling awesome about what I am getting done and accomplishing, and some days that means kicking back with a cocktail and catching up with friends and family or watching a movie and making dinner with the bf.

But, if I didn’t love waking up early and getting going I don’t think I could enjoy the night activities as much since I would not feel like I had gotten enough done that day and would, most likely, feel like I should be working on something productive.

So I guess I’m more of a morning person. (Depends on the day…)

What do morning people do differently? 

They’re more productive in the morning

Seems obvious, right? While your night owl friends are still in bed, or trying to push the sleepiness away, you have already been up and at ’em, getting things done – planning your day, gotten a workout in, gone through your inbox and check the daunting task of emails off your morning t0-do list etc.

They’re more successful

(So says Dr. Laura – but I’m not sure if I can say I completely agree with this.) She says morning use the morning to plan their day and work on important projects without interruption.   (I do agree with that part but also believe that people who are night owls do just the same but while the morning people are fast asleep in bed.)

They have more time to relax in the evening

As I mentioned before, I love to wake up and get important tasks done so that come evening time, I don’t have anything left that I HAVE to do and can enjoy time with friends and family.

They have an easier commute

If you are heading to the office before the morning rush hour, you are obviously going to get there faster and easier. This also means that there is the chance you can leave earlier and miss the afternoon traffic as well! (Or, stay at work until after the afternoon rush and it is just as easy. 😉 )  

Plan and prepare

When I wake earlier, I feel like I don’t have to rush to get ready, have a little time to start a load of laundry or do some light cleaning or a quick errand before heading to the office. I can also plan and prepare for what is on my plate that day. Instead of waking later, rushing around and feeling like I have to jump right into whatever tasks that day holds.  Tell me! Are you a morning or night person. What advantages do you find to either!?

xo rachel


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