I recently read a great post, Find a BFF in the PR Girl, on one of my favorite blog sites, NYC PR Girls, and just had to share.


We all know PR girls are pretty fabulous. fashionable, social, resourceful, fun, smart, great party planners, cute…I could go on an on, right? Okay, okay… I’m playing around. A little. My head isn’t that big.

So, who wouldn’t want a PR gal in their social circle?

Just a few reasons a PR gal makes a great bestie are:

  • Need to find the ideal outfit for an occasion? The PR girl friend knows how to dress your “brand” no matter what the event
  • Looking for a certain pair of shoes on the cheap? Your PR BFF will be able to google just about every boutique out there and find you the best price
  • In the middle of interviewing? Have your PR girl look at your resume for a frank point of view
  • Having issues with your guy? Send your texts or emails to your PR girl BFF before you send to your beau. They will edit your text with perfect precision, and make you look like the hot Megan Fox of text that you truly believe you are

Find out more reasons PR girls make fantastic friends: Find a BFF in the PR Girl.

There are definitely points on that list that my best comes to me for help or advice for (almost) on the daily. What a lucky lady she is! (Kidding. I’m definitely lucky to call her my best and be able to run things by her just as much.)

What other qualities and characteristics do PR gals hold that you think makes them great friends to have around?

Thanks NYC PR Girls for always giving me something fabulous to read!

xo rachel

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