Have you ever felt like people gloss over you like last month’s issue of Cosmo? (Ok… let’s be honest, Cosmo isn’t the greatest read out there… not even close.) Well, we’ve all heard the (seriously awful) saying “happy wife, happy life,” but this holds true for your work life too. Well, in a sense. Think of your boss as the ‘wife.’

It may not seem like it, but your boss is under a lot of pressure and any way you can help to alleviate that pressure is a step up the ladder to your next promotion. Not only will your boss be appreciative to have had some of their workload delegated to a trustworthy team member, he or she will also recognize the loyalty, determination, and motivation you are pouring into your work.

Forbes listed 9 tips that are sure to get you noticed in the workplace and they’re pretty great.

Do your job, and do it well

It’s great that you are helping with a client’s sales pitch, but make sure you are doing the job you were hired for before anything else. If you were hired as an administrative assistant, everything better be filed and sorted before you even think about taking on any additional tasks.

Get to know your boss

Know how they like to communicate. Get inside their brain. If you know your boss uses “good morning” as their email greeting, or prefers to have notes for their meeting the day before, have those things done and ready for them! It will save everyone’s time and they will appreciate your attention to detail and that they do not need to tell you every little thing they would like done.

Assist, and support, your boss’s professional goals

Show your boss that you are genuinely interested in and passionate about the work that you do and the company’s goals. Show them that you are not just there to collect a paycheck.

Be loyalLoyalty is like gold. It’s like discovering that four leave clover everyone has heard about, but has almost never found. Rare. And when you do find one, you brag about it.

Make your boss’s priorities your prioritiesShow that you understand where they want to go with their business and you can, but more importantly are dedicated to helping them get there.

Take initiativeTake the lead on projects that you are assigned. This doesn’t mean you have to complete every part of the project yourself — go ahead and delegate tasks or do some preliminary research, but take the lead and see it through until the end. Also make sure that the end product is dazzling – not just something you are proud of, but that your boss will also be proud of as well. Your ability to take on a leadership role will speak volumes.

Seek solutionsWhen an issue arises, seek out an effective solution. (This doesn’t have to be within your own department either.) Help out your coworkers and they will help you. It shows you are a team player, are familiar with the workings of the business, and that you are capable of handling situations on your own.

Show interestBy all means, don’t kiss ass or be fake, but show interest in activities and topics that you boss is passionate about. Show them that you are invested in them in a personal level as well. If your boss’s child has autism and you see there is an autism walk over the weekend, ask if they’re going.

You may not know much about the things your boss is into outside of work but your interest and questions can lead to other topics you’re more familiar with. Eventually your boss may start coming to you to chat about their plans for the weekend, etc. Remember your boss is a person too.
Demonstrate a long-term interest

Let it be known, through your actions and the words you speak, that you are invested in your future within the company as well as the company’s future itself. How can you make the company better? Did you figure out a new way to input customer information? Revamp the documents for new hires? Take a course or two to get a better understanding of how to use your work software?
By following these tips, you will not only please your boss but it will also help put your name on their radar as someone who is dedicated, motivated, and passionate about their work.

Even if you don’t plan on staying forever it will at least open the door for a letter of recommendation that wow a future potential employer. Your boss may even suggest you for another job.

In the words of Henry Ward Beecher, “It’s easier to go down a hill than up it, but the view is much better at the top.”

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