Client relationships can be very tricky in the beginning.  There is great excitement with the looming cloud of the unknown.  Both parties have agreed to enter into this partnership with written knowledge of one another without the physical experience.  The first instinct because you know yourself and your ability is that your client should just trust you.  

This is an understandable thought considering this should be the next natural step in progression. This is not always the case.  Although the dotted line has been signed, clients are looking for the proof that YOU are who they have been looking for to advance their brand to the next level.

Look at your new relationship as a race and not a sprint.  You have certain milestones t obtain along the way before crossing your finish line.  Most clients are interested in longevity and not quick fixes.  You have to be willing to build a trustworthy relationship through endurance, tenacity and trust.

Here are few tips to consider:

  1. Don’t allow your mouth to get you caught up in the promises.  You want your clients to trust your word.  It is always best to under promise and over deliver.

  2. Be passionate about the brand.  Clients want PR representation from someone who believes in the brand just as much as they do.  

  3. Say what you mean and mean what you say.  No blurred lines!  Speak black and white to your client.  Gray areas will lead to miscommunication.

  4. Set boundaries.  It is important to maintain professional boundaries.  You want to form a relationship based in respect.  Once respect has been compromised, it is very hard to bounce back.  Keep the purpose of your role in mind at all times.

  5. Be the mirror of honesty.  Clients need to know that you can deliver the good and bad.  It sounds simply but many lose clients because they were afraid to speak up and tell the truth.  You represent a brand.  Your job is to protect it!

  6. Never overstep the client.   You were hired for a service.  Be clear on who works for who.

  7. Know when the professional relationship has run its course.  You don’t want to burn a bridge.  Leaving before a relationship becomes tainted or toxic is wisdom not failure.  

Guest post by Diana Bridgett, @dianalbri

xo rachel

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