Having a horrible boss is a very tricky subject nobody likes to talk about in public. But it is definitely something that affects many PR gals, not only at a professional level but also in the personal sphere.

Whether you are doing a PR Internship or you are leading a team of accounts, you still may have an evil boss who is constantly trying to pull you down and making your life a living hell. This may have awful consequences because, as PR people, we are expected to always be positive and friendly, no matter what.

I’ve heard so many stories ending up with the boss saying things like “if you don’t want to work in these conditions I can find a thousand candidates willing to do it for less or even for free.” And when you do need the job to pay the rent or to gain relevant experience in PR, facing threats like this is, unfortunately, something you should learn to live with.

“Should I fight for my rights and tell this guy what I think about these conditions, risking to get fired? Or should I stay quiet, say YES –when I think otherwise- and keep on working?”. In case you decide to go for the second option, here are five ways to survive a horrible boss when you work in PR.

People who treat you like shit are, usually, shitty people

Have you heard the sentence “A person who is not nice to the waiter is not a nice person at all”? Well, if you do have a horrible boss, you surely must have noticed the way he/she treats other people below “his/her level”: the messenger, the receptionist, the delivery man, the girl who serves coffee at Starbucks, other colleagues… But then your boss becomes an adorable Little Pony when it comes to talking to clients and investors, right?

This shows your boss is a mean person who surely has some sort of inferiority complex. So he/she only feels fulfilled whenever he/she makes others feel awful, including yourself. It’s undoubtedly nothing personal against you, your boss is a shitty person no matter what! So I strongly recommend you to…

… disconnect your brain when the storm comes

It can be very wasting to be treated like shit by your boss every day at work but always bear in mind your boss possibly has the unhappiest and most unsatisfied life ever. Maybe your boss got a Ferrari when all he wanted was a Porsche. Maybe his sentimental life is bumping right now because his wife cheats on him, or perhaps he didn’t get that Entrepreneurship award he was expecting. Just think of all the things that could make your boss’ life a horrible world to live in. This will keep your mind busy when he/she starts jelling at you stupid, nonsense, or offensive things.

While killing your boss is not a possibility at all, feeling pity is still a perfectly valid option. But shh, keep that info to yourself and…

… do not feed the gossip

When you feel unhappy at work, and you have some confidence with your colleagues, it is very easy to fall into the “gossip farmyard” and criticize your boss. This not only is a total waste of time that will affect your daily productivity, but the bad vibrations will be increased every single time the gossip starts. Plus, you don’t know who is sleeping with your boss right now. Could totally be your friend Celine who sits in front of you, right?  

Whenever you feel like screaming how much you hate your horrible boss in the office, remember it only takes seven seconds to feel down and seven days to recover. Instead, just try to…

… focus on something you can hold on to

Do you know that popular picture of a kitten holding on to a sleeve? That is the spirit! Surround yourself at work with things that remind you that you have a proper life outside of the office. It could be a nice photograph, an object, a motivational quote, a candy, a plant, or even a song. When you get pulled down by your boss, you usually come back to your desk to keep on working. So if you focus on that special something for a minute, everything will definitely look better, this I promise you.

If this doesn’t work, leave the office for some minutes using a stupid excuse and breathe fresh air. Remember you have the power to feel happy! And plus, you can always…

… learn from your boss’ mistakes

Are you an ambitious person? Many PR gals are! We usually set our goals high and dream big, and that is where our success lies. Most of us see ourselves in managing positions in a few years. But how do you learn to be a boss anyway if you still haven’t been given the chance to become one? Easy! See your horrible boss as an anti-role-model and let him/her teach you to do right from wrong.

Your boss possibly believes being respected is something he/she gets by intimidating others. Well, just do the opposite. Become a nice(r) and smart(er) person, be kind to people, smile, and be grateful… and just see the reaction this has over the rest of the world.

Guest post by @Yazmina Cabrera

With a broad background from Travel, Luxury, Beauty & Fashion PR to Fashion Shooting organization in Spain and Stockholm, Yazmina has now landed in Milan where she currently lets her Fashion inspiration out by blogging at Girl with a Banjo.

xo rachel

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