Move. It’s my word for 2017.

Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, I chose an intention word each year – think of it as a theme for the year.



Last year I chose the word ‘simplify’ and it worked out great. I simplified many parts of my life: things, people, goals, ideas… you name it, I simplified it.

It feels awesome to have purged the things I do not need, use, or want. I always love getting rid of and having less ‘stuff’ so that part was pretty easy.

The purging of people was a little more difficult and time consuming. But after deciding who I want to spend time on, spend my time with, and who adds value to my life, it was easy to see who needed to go and it has been pretty refreshing to have more time to spend with and focus on the people I care about most in my life – and the people who add value in their own unique ways.

This year I chose the word ‘move,’ and I want to move in more ways than one.

I plan to more physically. It has been too long since I’ve been in the gym and I’m excited to get back into the groove. One of my physical goals is to run 365 miles this year. Wish me luck. 😉

And the biggest way I plan to move is forward in every aspect of my life – professionally and personally. I want to advance my career, spend more time on my relationships, be open to new ideas and perspectives, challenge myself in different ways than I have in the past, and learn something new (big or small) every day.

I want to move forward and keep growing in new ways, that improve me and my life, each and every day.

Have you chosen your 2017 word yet? I want to hear what it is. Come check out some of my friend’s words and share yours with us too, here.

 xo rachel

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