I always love collaborating with Kristen Ruby, so when she told me she had new summer interns, we thought it’s time we hear from the Ruby Media Group interns again!

One of Kristen‘s awesome interns, Victoria, has some great words of wisdom for her fellow interns out there. (And those of you who will be interning in the future too!)

As a rising senior, majoring in public relations, the summertime only means one thing: securing a killer internship to set up success for the future. But, finally landing that dream internship is only half of your journey.

While looking for your perfect internship, be careful not to make the mistake of only looking at a company’s name and size.  If you’re going to be spending your summer at a company, pay close attention to the actual tasks you will be required to do.

Having been lucky enough to land my ideal PR internship at Ruby Media Group, in their Summer Associates Program on Wall Street, I can say I’ve learned all outskirts of the corporate communications PR business.

Being an ambitious intern myself, I’m sharing the top 10 tips I have learned that can help you excel in your public relations internship.

Every task is an important one

Regardless of how big or small the task you are given is, it is important to remember that whatever you are doing is a crucial part of the company’s success. Whether it is something as ambitious as writing a full marketing plan or as small as editing a pitch, it is vital you realize that everything you do counts and is needed to achieve the end goal.

Always be willing to learn

There is a reason an internship is not considered a job, but an experience. As an intern you are not expected to know how to do everything, but you are expected to have a need to want to learn how to everything. The best way to learn is through experience; so this is the time to take every aspect of the job in and see what areas you like best.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Public relations is one of the most technologically advanced industries to work in because the media is constantly changing. Because of this, it is important that when you are given a task, you know exactly how to do what it is that is required. Remember, an internship is the first step towards a job, so this is your time to ask questions and really master all skills of the industry.

Your boss knows what they’re doing

During an internship you may be given something you feel is not important, and may even question why your boss would have you work on it. Regardless, it is vital to realize that there’s a reason your boss is assigning you the task at hand. They have been in your shoes before. Trust them and know that the tasks they are giving you will help you advance in your career.

Everything is an opportunity

Public relations is all about networking. If you want to truly take advantage of your internship, it is essential to always go out of your way to make it to every single networking event. Your boss isn’t letting you know about these events for their own benefit, but for yours. In this industry, the significance of networking is a crucial part of your success.

Speak your mind

If you have a great idea for a new pitch, speak up and tell your boss. Regardless of whether or not they use your idea, it will show them you want to be involved in the creative process.

Follow-up on projects you’ve done

As a PR intern, you will be asked to do a multitude of tasks on a daily basis. Your boss may not always be able to get back to you the second once each task is completed. Knowing this, it is important you not only finish your daily tasks, but also ask for feedback. It will help you complete tasks more efficiently, and also exhibit your eagerness to learn.

Strive to show your full potential

Yes, you are an intern and yes, you may not think of yourself as a leading part of the company, but you were picked as an intern for a reason. Always know the company saw potential in you and truly wants to see you soar to great heights in your career growth. Go for it and show them why they chose you.

Always be informed

Whether you consume your news from the Internet, newspaper, or TV – it is important to always be informed and make a habit of checking the news. Public relations is not a standstill industry, but a forever changing one. It is crucial to always be informed.

Use social media

Your boss has worked hard at creating an enriching internship program and showing them you’re having a great experience goes a long way. Use your social media to post about the amazing opportunities and experiences given – and be sure to hashtag and mention your company in posts so they can share accordingly.

Guest post by Victoria Sandolo, PR Intern at Ruby Media Group and Communications Major at UCONN.
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