As a new professional in the PR world, there is nothing more important than establishing a personal brand to get your foot in the door. One of the best ways to start doing that is by creating a LinkedIN account.


As you navigate the PR industry, employers will want to see that you are connected on LinkedIN and have recommendations to show your experience. I asked Kris Ruby, social media and PR guru of Ruby Media Group to share her top tips to networking to success on LinkedIN.

When LinkedIn first appeared on the social media scene, it was primarily to connect job prospects with potential employers. Today, it is still used for finding new career opportunities, but business owners and individuals looking to promote their services and network with peers also use it. Just like other social media platforms, there is a right way (and a wrong way!) to use LinkedIn.

Kristen Ruby of Ruby Media Group is a leader in the social media industry and offers these 10 tips for recent PR grads to get started on LinkedIn.

Stay professional. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, not a casual Twitter-like atmosphere, so put your best foot forward. If you wouldn’t say it to a boss, don’t put it on LinkedIn.

Create pages. If you own a business or brand tied around a blog, create a LinkedIn page for you and then one for the company. Don’t lump them together. This establishes your business as its own brand. Add the company logo, news about the developments, etc.

Make an effective profile: Upload a professional looking photo and write a compelling headline, which runs right under your name. Remember, this is the best time to make a good first impression. Use keywords that establish you as a professional in your industry.

Provide content. Post blog content, articles you’ve written or tips from a speech or class you’ve taught that will help others. This establishes you as a thought leader in your field and helps you to build a regular following.

Share posts. LinkedIn is not all about promoting yourself. Some of the most successful businesses work hard at promoting others in their field. Share their posts and congratulate them on their successes. They will appreciate the efforts.

Add visuals. LinkedIn connections love to see what you are up to. Post photos of your new products or when you are teaching a seminar. Infographics are also very popular and are shared among other LinkedIn connections, which help to draw more attention to your page. For example, a public relations company recently posted an infographic on smart homes. A journalist connection saw the infographic and asked for more information. This lead to an article where the journalist quoted the infographic and the publicist’s source.

Update frequently. In order to grow your LinkedIn connections, you need to post regularly. Share an update or publish posts several times a week. Reach out to new potential followers every day.

Export your connections. Once a month, export your LinkedIn connections and drop your contacts a personal email. Chat about opportunities to work together, cross promote or just tell them what’s happening with your business. Ask them for updates on their business.

Join groups. Find groups of interest and interact with the members. For example, if you are a screenwriter, you can join film groups. A dentist? There are dental groups. In these groups, you can share valuable information and learn from others.

Start a group. If you can’t find one that appeals to you or includes people you want to network with, start your own. Again, this will establish you as a leader in your business community and others will flock to join and discover new ideas or partnerships that can work for them too.

Most importantly, stay with it. A strong LinkedIn following takes time to build, so do not give up. Consistency is key.

Guest post by Kris Ruby, Ruby Media Group

For more information, visit or and follow Kris Ruby on Twitter: @sparklingruby and @rubymediagroup

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